We are world leaders in services of collection, treatment and disposal of infectious medical and biological waste. We serve clinics, hospitals, laboratories, medical and dental clinics, surgical centers, funeral homes, veterinary clinics, and all those establishments that generate needles and potentially infectious waste.

Infectious Biological Waste (RPBI)

We are specialized in pickup, treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste, complying with regulations and standards. Through waste management solutions, we ensure that biological hazards and other regulated wastes are managed with due attention to detail, minimizing risks.

Pathological waste and traces of chemotherapy

We treat anatomical waste, tissues, organs, blood, body fluids, animal carcasses, waste of chemotherapy, among others, under the strict enforcement of existing regulations of each country.

Sharps waste

We provide proper pickup, treatment and disposal of sharps waste directed to clinics or hospitals, laboratories, medical and dental clinics, surgical centers, funeral homes, veterinary clinics and other businesses that generate needles and syringes that can cause cuts or punctures.


We offer a management program for disposal of sharps waste, which uses recyclable containers to reduce environmental impact, while increasing employee safety and regulatory compliance.

Drug Destruction

We treat pharmaceuticals, drugs,  vaccines and serums, which are expired, unused, spilled or contaminated, that  won’t  be used and disposable materials for handling and packaging.

Hazardous waste

We treat hazardous liquid or solid waste, with the following properties: toxic, corrosive, flammable, reactive or genotoxic. We also process waste with high content of heavy metals (thermometers, etc.).

Universal and Electronic Waste

We offer the disposal or recycling of universal waste (light bulbs, batteries, fluorescent bulbs), and disposal services for electrical and electronic wastes generated in hospitals and clinics (computers, monitors, televisions, etc.).

Urban Waste

We offer the service of pickup and disposal of municipal waste generated in clinics and hospitals (large generators).

Destruction of Confidential Documents

We offer safe solutions for handling and destruction of confidential documents.

Sale of supplies

We offer supplies (bags, containers, etc.) to our customer to facilitate waste segregation, internal collection and final disposal, according to regulations for each stage of waste management.