We have an expert team to provide specialized advice on the correct classification, treatment and waste disposal, as well as ISO-9001 certification in most of our plants, which ensures our customers the operations register and the pursuit of permanent improvement within a framework of Total Quality.

Collection, transportation and treatment

We are specialized in transportation of special and hazardous waste. We have a large fleet of trucks and certified equipment to provide solutions to our customer’s requirements from collection to final disposal.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

We treat hazardous liquid or solid waste, with the following properties: toxic, corrosive, flammable, and reactive or genotoxic. We also process waste with high content of heavy metals (thermometers, etc.).

Electronic and Universal Waste

We provide disposal or recycling of universal waste (light bulbs, batteries, fluorescent bulbs), and disposal services of electrical and electronic wastes (computers, monitors, televisions, etc.).

Destruction of confidential documents

We provide safe solutions for the handling and destruction of confidential documents.

Valorization (Recycled product's sales)

Consist in  minimizing most of the hazardous waste final disposal obtained through proper treatment, reusing the resulting components that are not dangerous.

Operations "in house"

Operations yards segregation and recycling, construction and operation of treatment plants.