We are leading company worldwide in the removal of waste from cruise, ships, port terminals, international flights and other means of transport. Our team coordinates all the logistic for removal, transportation, treatment (autoclave or incineration) and final disposal, certifying the entire cycle legally.

Bilges Withdrawal

Ballast water contaminated with hydrocarbons, ballast water contaminated by petroleum products, and oily mixture bilges or from oil and fuel purification equipment.

Dunnage and Pallet Withdrawal

Timber from abroad which comply with the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM No. 15 to reduce the risk of introduction and / or spread of quarantine pests associated with wood packaging.

Oily Waste Withdrawal

Mixture of hydrocarbons with water. Bilge / Sludge: Mixture with equal (50%) or minor percentage of water. Slop / Bilge / Tanks Washing Water: Mixture with a percentage of water bigger than 50%.

Customs Seizures & Dropouts

Destruction of goods by request of Customs Authorities that was not in contact with organic materials.

Hazardous Waste Handling

Contaminated Items with hydrocarbons (oily cloths), chemical waste (paints), batteries, fluorescent tubes, hospital waste, others depending on requirement.

Management of Inorganic / Inert Waste

Garbage, waste or mixture of wastes produced on board of ships and other means of transport.

Foreign organic waste (USDA)

Treatment of organic, industrial and hazardous, international flights and other transport waste. Our team coordinates all the logistic to transport, destroy and certify the process legally.

Drinking water supply

Water supply to the tour ships, including pumping, connection, disconnection and shipping.