Urban Waste

We are leaders in management and disposal of assimilable domestic and industrial solid waste.
In Stericycle we offer a solution for safe, efficient and modern disposal, aimed at large and small generators of municipal waste.

Urban Waste Removal

We have a fleet of trucks, containers and compactors to implement collection’s frequency to our client’s facilities with the highest quality of service.

Study and project engineering

We have the experience and knowledge to evaluate technological alternatives for a better and more efficient management of household and comparable solid waste. We develop customer projects, process permits, design and engineering.

Collection Logistics

We have the experience and knowledge for evaluation, design, construction and operation of systems for collection of waste, as well as transfer stations of municipal solid waste (MSW).

Disposal Centers Operation

We have technology and equipment necessary to handle and manage disposal centers, meeting health requirements applied by supervisory organizations.

Waste recovery

We work to reduce and enhance the volume of waste arriving at final disposal centers. We have experience and knowledge in waste recycling and utilization of biogas processes.